Emily Gulstranom

About Emily Gulstranom

Emily is an all-around politics reporter for TKNN. She enjoys the research portion of reporting and can often be found watching C-SPAN (even on her vacation).

OPINION: The Internet Is For Revolutions

When DirecTv and Viacom fought over channels, we saw just why the Internet is for freedom and revolutions. As they fought, DirecTv added a ticker at the bottom spreading their propaganda. Then, on top of the program, Viacom would have a ticker supporting their cause. You would think that you […]

OPINION: Pepe Isn’t A Shrimp And Romney Isn’t A Moderate

Mitt Romney is now the unofficial leader of the Republican Party. The Republican Party, the group of ultra-conservatives and right-wing radicals. Mitt Romney has been called a lot of things: flip-flop, liar, fake, moderate, and conservative. Wait, moderate and conservative? If you remember Mitt Romney at CPAC, he said he […]