OPINION: Pepe Isn’t A Shrimp And Romney Isn’t A Moderate

Mitt Romney is now the unofficial leader of the Republican Party. The Republican Party, the group of ultra-conservatives and right-wing radicals. Mitt Romney has been called a lot of things: flip-flop, liar, fake, moderate, and conservative. Wait, moderate and conservative? If you remember Mitt Romney at CPAC, he said he was a “severely conservative” governor. Now, as the general election is beginning, don’t be surprised to hear Mitt said that he was a moderate, reaching across the aisle. Pepe from The Muppets isn’t a shrimp, he’s a king prawn; and Mitt Romney isn’t a moderate. It is insulting to think that a man thinks he can said something to us for nearly a year, and then change for a matter of months. Mitt, we have a thing called the Internet, and its very useful for keeping people, especially politicians, honest. We will hold you accountable. We’re fired up and ready to go. The day Mitt Romney is a moderate, Pepe is a king prawn. Remember, as Pepe said on the bonus features section of The Muppet Show Season 2, he’s a king prawn, not a shrimp. We won’t let Mitt Romney “prawn” us. Get it? Wocka Wocka.

About Emily Gulstranom

Emily is an all-around politics reporter for TKNN. She enjoys the research portion of reporting and can often be found watching C-SPAN (even on her vacation).

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