OPINION: The Internet Is For Revolutions

When DirecTv and Viacom fought over channels, we saw just why the Internet is for freedom and revolutions. As they fought, DirecTv added a ticker at the bottom spreading their propaganda. Then, on top of the program, Viacom would have a ticker supporting their cause. You would think that you have control of your channel, but you don’t. What if other channels were subjected to this? As Fox News played, there was a ticker contradicting them. I’m not saying their honest, but it could happen. Remember, the bean counter always come before common sense. Advertising could come into play, making the Fox News scenario even more likely. In the Arab Spring, the local and state television channels spread the views of their owners. Remember the anchor on the state-run Libyan television who showed a gun on air, promising to be a martyr if she had to be? The revolutions would not be possible if they were on television. Whether or not you support WikiLeaks, it was possible on the Internet because others could not censor it. On television there is a channel called Free-Speech TV, but it could still be censored.

About Emily Gulstranom

Emily is an all-around politics reporter for TKNN. She enjoys the research portion of reporting and can often be found watching C-SPAN (even on her vacation).

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