ANALYSIS: What Kind of Democrat Are You?

These past months and in the coming months, states have been selecting candidates to face off in the general election. Many of these candidates will be helped by their state’s party, however that is not always best for the party. One lesson that the Democrats learned in 2008 was being a Democrat doesn’t always mean you’ll vote as one. Democrats in states like Indiana and North Carolina didn’t support the President, their leader! Now, we could be trying to re-elect Democrats that didn’t support the President. We have Democrats that say they agree with Republicans! Ever here of the Twelfth Amendment? Thou shall not agree with Republicans. The individual mandate is in enough trouble in the courts, we do not need more trouble from Democrats.

About Emily Gulstranom

Emily is an all-around politics reporter for TKNN. She enjoys the research portion of reporting and can often be found watching C-SPAN (even on her vacation).

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