Why The Veepstakes Are Only Being Done For Mitt Romney

The GOP establishment for most of the race, and certainly the past few weeks, have lined up for Mitt Romney. This is just one reason why the veepstakes, the process of trying to guess the running mate pick of the nominee, are only being done for Mitt Romney. Another reason is that most estimations have Mitt Romney about half way to the needed amount of delegates. Rick Santorum is far behind, and Newt Gingrich even farther. No truly high profile politicians have endorsed Rick Santorum, and the highest profile person to endorse Newt Gingrich may be Chuck Norris. Although Herman Cain may contest that. Running mates are usually primary supporters of the candidate, unless they were a long-term candidate. Mitt Romney has the most high-profile supporters, including Chris Christie and Marco Rubio. Political pundits love to play the veepstakes, and they need to start sometime.

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