Learning To Love Scott Brown

I am deeply troubled by the 2012 Senate race in Massachusetts. On the one hand, we have Elizabeth Warren, the chief Democrat in the race. On the other hand we have Scott Brown, the Republican incumbent. Now as a Democrat, I’m supposed to hate Scott Brown, aren’t I? Well, Scott Brown has been bipartisan, worked with Barack Obama, and got part of President Obama’s State of the Union passed. Scott Brown has been campaigning as a bipartisan Senator, who has not let D.C. change him. Part of him wants him to lose, he’s a Republican after all! However, it would be nice to have a Republican that’s bipartisan, he can make President Obama look better and he can get the Republicans to possibly vote a certain way. However, on the other hand we have Elizabeth Warren, the women who brought us the Consumer Protection Bureau. Well, I guess I have some time to make up my mind, we haven’t had the primary yet.

About Emily Gulstranom

Emily is an all-around politics reporter for TKNN. She enjoys the research portion of reporting and can often be found watching C-SPAN (even on her vacation).

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