Fox News Poll Continues to Show Reshaped Race

pollingThe latest Fox News national poll continues to show that the Republican debate on Fox News had a great impact on the presidential race. Businessman and real estate mogul Donald Trump continues to lead the race and his standing is relatively unchanged at 25%. Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Ted Cruz (TX) have surged into second and third place respectively. Both were seen as doing well in the debate and they now register 12% and 10%.

Former Governor Jeb Bush (FL) and Governor Scott Walker (WI) were both hit the hardest and their debate performances were criticized as uninspiring. The former frontrunners now sit at 9% and 6% respectively. Bush is in fourth place nationally while Walker is tied with former Governor Mike Huckabee (AR) in fifth place.

The poll also shows that Carly Fiorina has benefitted immensely from her debate performance, which was widely praised. She now sits at seventh nationally with 5%. Previously, Fiorina was not in the top ten and she participated in Fox News’s earlier debate, nicknamed the kiddie table debate.

Former Governor Rick Perry’s (TX) campaign was dealt another blow with the poll as it shows him with one percent nationally. He is only beating former Governor Jim Gilmore (VA) and Senator Lindsey Graham (SC), who did not register in the poll. Perry is tied with former Senator Rick Santorum (PA), Governor Bobby Jindal (LA), and former Governor George Pataki (NY). It was recently revealed that Perry’s campaign is struggling financially and cannot afford to pay staffers.

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