Ben Carson

Senator Rand Paul Airs Annual Grievances

One of the main elements of Festivus, the winter holiday popularized by Seinfeld, is the Airing of Grievances where people say how they were wronged over the past year. Every year, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) airs his grievances on Twitter and this year he took aim at government spending and […]

Carson’s Campaign Distances Itself from ¬†Foreign Policy Advisor

Ben Carson’s presidential campaign has distanced itself from foreign advisor Duane R. Clarridge following comments he made on-the-record to The New York Times. “Mr. Clarridge has incomplete knowledge of the daily, not weekly briefings, that Dr. Carson receives on important national security matters from former military and state department officials. […]

Dr. Ben Carson Announces Support for Puerto Rican Statehood

Speaking on the island, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson announced his support for Puerto Rican statehood. Dr. Carson argued that Puerto Ricans had been part of America too long without statehood. “When you stop and think about it Puerto Ricans have been Americans for a century or more already. […]

NBC Accidentally Publishes Donald Trump SNL Promos

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is appearing on Saturday Night Live this weekend and the network has been releasing the standard host and stars promo. However, NBC says it “accidentally” published three of the promos on YouTube that were not intended for release. In one, Trump refers to his closest competitor, […]