North Korea

Nation Preparing for Hurricane Gets Political News Rained Down

A common move in Washington is for unpleasant political news to be leaked or released on Friday evenings. The move takes advantage of the duality of main political reporters having gone on weekend mode and a weaker focus on the news during the weekend. Friday was a different storm altogether as […]

Ambassador to South Korea Attacked in Seoul

Mark Lippert, America’s ambassador to South Korea, was attacked in Seoul. Lippert was attending a breakfast meeting in the capital when the attack happened. Police confirmed that Kim Ki-Jong was the attacker. He used a paring knife as a weapon. The blade measured at 10 inches long. The attack occured at 5:42 p.m. […]

South Korean Prime Minister Resigns

South Korea’s prime minister, Chung Hong-won, has announced his resignation after a botched government response to the sunken ferry incident. As opposed to other countries with a prime minister, most of the power is concentrated with the President so this move is largely symbolic. A spokesman for South Korean President […]

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Conducts Combative Interview with Dennis Rodman

CNN New Day anchor Chris Cuomo secured an exclusive interview with Dennis Rodman and the other former NBA players who are traveling to North Korea to celebrate Kim Jong Un’s birthday. He interviewed the group live this morning on the show, and it was certainly combative. Cuomo pressed Rodman on […]