North Korea and South Korea Exchange Fire

reports of the worldOn Thursday, North and South Korea exchanged fire.

North Korea fired an object at a loudspeaker which was blaring anti-Pyongyang propaganda broadcasts. South Korea has been blaring the broadcasts into North Korea over loudspeakers ever since a border landline incident that South Korea blames on North Korea. North Korea denies any involvement. The speakers had sat unused for more than a decade.

Seoul’s Defense Ministry released a statement. They said, “Our military has stepped up monitoring and is closely watching North Korean military movements.” An emergency military meeting was held in South Korea as residents by the border were forced to evacuated.

The object had not seemed to have any affect on the speaker. No injuries were reported due to the projectile.

South Korea then fired back a few dozen missiles to where the original was traced from.

The heightened tensions are seen as a cause of worry since the two countries are still technically at war. While the Communist country annually makes threats to its southern neighbor and the United States, there is rarely any follow-up. North Korea will often fire into the Sea of Japan though. The last direct attack on South Korea was in 2010.

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