Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel Steps Down

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is leaving the Pentagon as the Obama Administration reevaluates its foreign policy. News reports have shown differing reasons for Hagel’s departure, with some reporting it as a resignation while others say President Obama asked him to step down. Under Hagel’s watch, ISIS has become stronger and democracy in Egypt was tested as a military coup removed the democratically elected President. President Obama’s foreign policy has also been criticized, with critics saying it is too passive and also lacking. Chuck Hagel previously served as a Senator from Nebraska for two terms and served in the military. Secretary Hagel was the first Vietnam War veteran to serve as Secretary of Defense. Hagel started as Secretary of Defense in February 2014, and was expected to stay on for the remainder of President Obama’s term. However, he is taking an early retirement. This comes after a nasty confirmation battle which saw the pro-Israel lobby in motion to oppose his nomination and Sen. Ted Cruz making headlines with his attacks on Hagel.

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