Chuck Hagel

President Obama, Vice President Biden Speak at Ceremony Honoring DefSec Chuck Hagel

Today, President Obama and Vice President Biden spoke at an event honoring outgoing Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. They were also joined by several members of the Cabinet at the Pentagon, where the event was held. Hagel, a former Republican Senator, announced in November that he was stepping down as […]

Chuck Hagel Confirmed

The Senate confirmed Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense today. The former Republican Senator was confirmed by a mostly party line vote of 58-41. Senator Lautenburg did not vote. Four Republicans, Cochran, Johanns, Paul, and Shelby, voted for Hagel. All voting Democrats went for Hagel. The four Republicans mostly said […]

Is Toomey Being Hypocritical?

Sen. Toomey might be being a little hypocritical is in treatment of Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel. Earlier, he voted against cloture of the filibuster, but said, “The president deserves considerable latitude on appointing members of his cabinet and I have typically supported those nominees including those with whom […]