VIDEO: President Obama Delivers Remarks on Overseas Crises

mh17President Obama made remarks today regarding the Israeli-Palestine crisis and the MH17 plane that was shot down last week. President Obama called on Russian President Putin to use his influence in order for international forces to examine the crash site that is currently under the control of pro-Russian militants. President Obama remarked that “our immediate focus is on recovering those who were lost, investigating exactly what happened, and putting forward the facts. We have to make sure that the truth is out and that accountability exists.” He later said, said that Putin should “insist that the separatists stop tampering with the evidence, [and] grant investigators who are already on the ground immediate, full, and unimpeded access to the crash site.” For viewers of CNN, they saw Christiane Amanpour interview Ukraine’s president, Petro Poroshenko, before and after the President’s remarks. Poroshenko said during his interview that there were no separatists in Ukraine and that the entire nation was unified. He said that the pro-Russian militants should be called terrorists, not separatists.

The President also remarked on the ongoing war between Israel and the Hamas forces control the Gaza strip. President Obama said that Israel does have the right to defend itself, but the international community needs to come together to prevent Israeli and Palestine deaths.

WATCH, via the White House:

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