Sen. Schumer Calls for New Primary System

20140722-210259-75779909.jpgIn an op-ed for The New York Times, Sen. Chuck Schumer argued for the abolition of our current primary system as he says that it leads to extreme polarization. The Senator from New York cites two examples in his piece, former Majority Leader Eric Cantor and California. He says that Cantor was defeated because the closed primary valued ideological purity over the ability to work. In contrast, Schumer argues that California, which has grappled with problems of partisanship, is doing better, due to the state’s adoption of the top-two primary system. It is that system that Schumer argues the nation should adopt. Under the top-two system, all candidates, regardless of party, go onto the same primary ballot and the top two vote receivers go onto the general election. Supporters of the system argue that candidates would have to appeal to a broad section of the voting population and that would decrease partisanship and polarization. Finally, the Senator uses Sen. Thad Cochran’s primary victory over Chris McDaniel as a point in his favor. He says that Cochran was more moderate than McDaniel and that he was able to win because Democrats crossed over to vote in the primary and runoff.

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