CNN Removes Reporter from Israel After Controversial Tweet

international affairsYesterday, CNN reporter Diana Magnay made news yesterday on two fronts. The first was when Magnay was doing a live hit for CNN and as she reported on Israel beginning a ground invasion of Palestine, nearby Israelis began cheering. The second was when Magnay made herself the news by tweeting about the nearby Israelis. Magnay tweeted that the Israelis had threatened to breaker her car if she said something they disapproved of. She then called them “scum.” The tweet was retweeted over 240 times before getting deleted. CNN issued a statement apologizing and saying that Magnay tweeted out of anger, but regrets the tweet. CNN has also announced that Magnay will be relocated to Moscow in order to cover the MH17 story. CNN’s usual Moscow correspondent, Phil Black, is at the plane crash site near Torez, Ukraine.

The news about Magnay comes as NBC News deals with the relocation of one of its own correspondents. Ayman Mohyeldin was taken out of Gaza, but NBC News announced that he would go back today following public outcry.Ā Earlier today, the Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone noted that CNN was responding to requests regarding Magnay while NBC ignored press inquiries and stayed quiet about their matter.

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