Beau Biden Confidant and Fundraiser Joins Draft Biden

road to the white houseA day after two New York Times reports renewed interest in a possible Biden run, more fuel was added to the fire.  Josh Alcorn, a fundraiser and advisor to the late Beau Biden, is joining Draft Biden 2016. Draft Biden 2016 is a super PAC dedicated to organizing support for Vice President Biden should he make the jump and announce a presidential run.

Alcorn served as finance director and then chief advisor to Beau Biden, the Vice President’s late son. In six months as Biden pondered a gubernatorial run, Alcorn was able to raise $1.2 million. Before working with Beau, Alcorn was the finance director for Senator Harry Reid. Reid’s 2010 campaign brought in over $10 million. Alcorn also worked with the Vice President’s 2008 presidential run.

Alcorn may be able to tap into his wide network in order to boost the super PAC’s finances. In its last FEC filing, the group reported raising roughly $85,880. However, the group does boost a large volunteer group and thousands of names on its email list. The petition calling on Vice President Biden to run for President has over 190,000 signatures.

Vice President Biden has said he will decide on a presidential run by either late August or early September.

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