Donald Trump Turns Voicemail into Campaign Ad

road to the white houseHours after Gawker released Donald Trump’s cell phone number (917-756-8000) online, the Republican frontrunner has changed his phone voicemail message to one that promotes his presidential run.

“Hi, this is Donald Trump and I’m running for the presidency of the United States of America. With your help and support, together we can make America truly great again,” Trump says in the recording. Then he alerts the listener of his Twitter handle and campaign website.

When Gawker reported Trump’s number, they called it revenge for when Trump announced Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) phone number. Trump urged his supporters to call the 2016 Republican hopeful’s cell phone number and talk to him. Graham responded by destroying the phone in an online video.

The campaign dismissed Gawker’s post and said that the phone number was “very old.” In addition, the campaign said, “This is not one he uses. Mr. Trump has several numbers so this is not an issue.” However, Sam Biddle, who wrote the post, said that aides have picked up the phone, but he has gotten through to Trump.

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