New York Times Articles Renew Interest in Potential Biden Run

road to the white houseA set of New York Times articles caused renewed interest in a potential Vice President Biden presidential run Saturday. First, Maureen Dowd’s column laid out potential weaknesses for a Clinton candidacy. She then went on to describe in detail how Biden’s two sons, Beau and Hunter, had wanted the Vice President to run for President. The article even says that Beau, while near death, attempted to get his dad to promise to run for president.

Hunter Biden has also been pressuring his father to run for president.

Hours later, the New York Times was up with an article on Biden looking at a run headlined, “Joe Biden Said to Be Taking New Look at Presidential Run.” This article built on Dowd’s column and added reporting that Biden’s aides and associates have began reaching out in anticipation for a possible run.

The two articles caused a frenzy on Twitter where journalists and political junkies weighed the odds that Biden would actually run. Joe Biden was at one point a trending topic on the social network.

They also inspired a frenzy on similar articles that reported on Biden’s possible actions. Google searches for Biden also spiked.

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