Mark Everson Calls on Trump to Drop Out

Former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson (R), who is running for the Presidency, continued to blast real estate mogul and fellow 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) over his comments regarding Hispanic immigration.

In his initial remarks, Trump called Hispanic undocumented immigrants “rapists.” Those comments have landed him in hot water and numerous businesses have cut ties with him. Since then, Trump has doubled-down and defended his remarks.

Last month, Everson criticized Trump over his remarks and connected Trump’s comments to Charleston shooter Dylann Roof. Now, Everson is stepping up his attack on his fellow Republican candidate and calling on him to drop out.

Everson says that Trump’s defense “only makes matters worse.” Then he adds, “Trump clearly has neither an understanding of nor respect for America’s immigrant tradition. His words divide at a time when we need to unite and reinforce our proud tradition of assimilation.” Finally, he says that Trump “should stand down and spare us all the ugliness of his candidacy.”

The Trump campaign did not respond to an after-hours request for comment. TKNN will update this post if we hear back.

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