Mark Everson Blasts Donald Trump for Hateful Language

road to the white houseFormer IRS Commissioner Mark Everson, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, blasted Donald Trump for his hateful language. on Facebook. In his announcement speech, Trump said of Mexicans, “They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” Everson then connected Trump’s comments to the Charleston shooting where shooter Dylann Roof said, “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country.”

While Everson supports Trump’s right to say this, he says that the comments fosters hatred and racism. He says, “It is not hard to connect the dots between messages like Trump’s and actions by people like Roof.” He also calls on Republicans to “repudiate” Trump because he argues that Republicans will not “be seen as deserving a chance to take back the White House” otherwise. Again of Trump, Everson adds that he is “unsuited for public office at any level.”

TKNN reached out to the Trump campaign for comment on Everson’s remarks. We have not heard back, but we will update the post if they respond.

When reached by TKNN, the Everson campaign elaborated on and explained his comment further. Everson added, “The risk is that statements like Trump’s can be used by others, who may disturbed or of evil intent, to justify violence. Such language goes beyond normal political posturing and is outside the bounds of what Americans expect of our leaders.”

Hillary Clinton (D) also made similar comments last week when talking to Jon Ralston on his show, Ralston Live. She said, “Like, for example, a recent entry into the Republican presidential campaign said some very inflammatory things about Mexicans. Everybody should stand up and say that’s not acceptable.” She added, “Public discourse is sometimes hotter and more negative than it should be, which can, in my opinion, trigger someone who is less than stable.”

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