Carnival Cruise Given OK to Sail to Cuba

Carnival Cruise has been added to the list of companies opening up Cuban travels.
“All of our research suggests there is huge pent-up demand for the Cuba experience,” said Carnival Cruise CEO, Arnold Donald

Carnival will be conducting these tours under the new Fathom banner. Fathom combines cruising with volunteerism. This is how Carnival’s new cruise will be legal. Travel to Cuba is now allowed under twelve different categories. However, vacationing is not one of those twelve. Although, cultural education is allowed, paving the way for these Carnival cruises.

Tours would be $3,000, which is pricing before tax.

“We look forward to working with the Cuban authorities for their approval to help make the social, cultural and humanitarian exchanges between U.S. citizens and the people of Cuba a reality.” continued Donald, “We know there is strong demand from travelers who want to immerse themselves in Cuban culture, so this is a historic opportunity for us to enable more people to experience Cuban society.”

Carnival will also offer seven day trips which will tour the Dominican Republic.

Previously the United States has approved ferry services from Florida to Cuba.

Both countries have also announced plans to open embassies in Havana and Washington D.C.

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