Daily Briefing for August 14, 2012

Hello and welcome to the Daily Briefing for August 14, 2012. Now today our top stories are:

Governor Chris Christie to deliver the keynote address.
Senator Marco Rubio will introduce Mitt Romney.
A Democratic congressman has resigned.
Now it’s time for our Short and Sweet Stories, our top stories condensed.
Governor Chris Christie will be delivering the keynote address at the Republican National Convention. The current governor of New Jersey was said to be a possible presidential contender and a possible running mate for Mitt Romney. Governor Christie has a history of being reportedly being doing the keynote speech. Back in July, there were reports of him doing the keynote, which were not confirmed.
Senator Marco Rubio will be introducing Mitt Romney for his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. Senator Rubio is a Tea Party darling, a Romney supporter, and was said to be a potential Romney running mate.
California Congressman Dennis Cardoza is resigning immediately. A blue dog Democrat, he acknowledged that the group is getting smaller, and resigned because of family reasons. Representative Cardoza had already announced he would not be seeking re-election.
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