Gov. Chris Christie to Deliver Keynote Address

It has now been confirmed that Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey will be delivering the keynote address at the Republican National Convention later this month. There were reports of Governor Christie delivering the speech back in July, and the rumors surfaced again last night, when USA Today got a lead that Governor Christie would be delivering the address. The source was anonymous because the announcement was to be made later. Governor Chris Christie was a potential presidential contender, but later endorsed Mitt Romney. The endorsement was considered major for Mitt Romney. Governor Christie was also considered a potential running mate for Mitt Romney. Governor Chris Christie has been governor of New Jersey since January of 2010, and has praised for his truthfulness and not being afraid to speak his mind. The keynote address can also be a launching pad for one’s political career. Then-Senate candidate Barack O

It has also been announced that Senator Marco Rubio of Florida will be introducing Mitt Romney. Senator Rubio will be introducing Mitt Romney and his acceptance speech. A candidate’s acceptance speech is considered a key part of his campaign, along with the running mate pick and the debates. Sen. Rubio was considered by some to be a potential running mate for Mitt Romney, and was one of Mitt Romney’s most active supporters. The convention is also in Sen. Rubio’s state.

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