For Hillary Clinton, New Freedom Means New Website

hillaryFor the first time since the 1990s, Hillary Clinton is out of the public eye. But, she now has a new website, which is leading some to wonder about the future for the former Secretary of State. Since the 2008 election, her campaign website has displayed a thank you message. During the election, her campaign did have a load of debt, which she has struggled to lose. The burden was not helped when she became Secretary of State, as she could not personally do the fundraising needed to eliminate the debt. Despite emails from Bill Clinton, merchandise sales, and money from the Democratic Party, the debt was still there. Eventually, however, the debt was finally retired earlier this year. Businessweek has reported that the Obama campaign helped retire the debt by contacting supporters. Some political junkies will remember that in the book, Game Change, the 2008 Obama campaign resisted to any major debt retiring action. Now, with the debt gone, the Hillary Clinton for President campaign can shut down, and with it, its website. Sure enough, the website for the campaign now redirects people to the office of Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton had promised to remain an advocate for women’s rights and the State Department, albeit outside the Department. All the website has is a picture of the former Secretary, a contact button, and the privacy policy.

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