PA Voter ID Requirement Postponed

In Pennsylvania, Judge Robert Simpson has ruled that the voter ID requirement, the main part of the law, cannot be enforced until after the election. He left the possibility of having the whole law being thrown out, while also letting some parts stand. He said that workers can ask for ID, but it is not required. Judge Simpson had left the law stand previously, but when the state Supreme Court tossed the lawsuit back to him, they had specific instructions. They said that if there was evidence that eligible voters could be disenfranchised, then he should block the provision. Proponents say the law is needed to prevent voter fraud, while opponents say the law disenfranchises minorities and the elderly who would usually vote Democratic. Democrats also claim that the law was passed to allow Mitt Romney to win the state. Their argument was helped when Mike Turzai, GOP House Majority Leader in Pennsylvania, said that the law would “allow Governor Romney to win the State of Pennsylvania.”

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