Give the Gift of Cable News this Holiday Season

Ever wonder what to get for the cable news fan in your life? Well, the big three are here to make that decision just a wee bit easier since all three now have official merchandise. CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC all offer online gift shops.

While the three channels make a significant amount of revenue from their television operations, the online stores offer another revenue source for their digital operations which are otherwise dependent on advertising.


CNN’s gift store got a relaunch last year after previously being one and the same as the Turner online store. This store is interesting as it has t-shirts and mugs relevant to some of CNN’s signature shows, like The Situation Room, Anderson Cooper 360, and Cuomo Primetime, but also features a significant amount of non-CNN merchandise like online courses, software, and gear. Luckily, CNN has all of their actual CNN items under a category called “CNN Merchandise.” CNN’s items have an “Ending In” label, but TKNN found that that deadline is meaningless.


MSNBC has the most extensive online offerings with items including almost every weekday show plus Kasie DC and AM Joy. The MSNBC store allows users to shop by store or by product category. You can also find MSNBC personalities’ books for sale along with general MSNBC products.

Fox News

Fox News has the smallest online store with only seven items in three categories. Most of the items just have some variation of the Fox News logo applied to it so there is nothing offered based off specific shows.

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