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CNN Store

Just in time for Black Friday, CNN has relaunched their online store. The store boasts t-shirts, outerwear, mugs, and even free shipping.

The previous CNN/Turner Online Store was shuttered earlier this month and CNN had said that the store would relaunch this month.

The store has some new items, like t-shirts with Parts Unknown and Situation Room branding, and some carried over from the older store, like the CNN logo caps.

Consistent with CNN’s intention of keeping the store updated and rotating the selection, the items have an “Ending In” label saying how much longer they will be available. Most items are ending in seven days, however a CNN spokesperson did not respond as to whether the items will truly be leaving the store after that point.

The store does still seem to be a work in progress. A sweatshirt depicted in the store’s imagery is not available to purchase and an Anderson Cooper 360 tee is listed as a bestseller but not listed in the apparel section. The aforementioned caps are available for purchase, but the menu does not include hats, so potential buyers have to know they exist and use the search function for them (although the cap is currently also found under the Gifts section). Furthermore, the non-branded items that CNN pledged to include are not available.

The CNN Store does not currently carry any products with HLN or CNN International branding.

However, the store is currently functional, so people can purchase what is currently available. Plus as the website pledges, the order will be delivered by December 24.

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