CNN Announces The Van Jones Show

Image Courtesy CNN

Image Courtesy CNN

CNN announced on Monday that commentator Van Jones will soon be hosting two new shows on the network.

The first is The Van Jones Show, which will be similar to Jones’s The Messy Truth series of town halls. The Messy Truth previously aired frequently on CNN, but has not aired a new edition since early April of this year. The Van Jones Show will air bimonthly in primetime and have a live studio audience from around the country. Similar to The Messy Truth, political leaders from both sides of the aisle are expected to appear and delve into contemporary political issues. The question that remains unanswered is how this show will be different than The Messy Truth.

While Jones has worked in Democratic politics and was typically labelled on CNN as a Democratic supporter, there has been a deliberate effort to remake Jones in a bipartisan manner that aligns with CNN’s down-the-middle journalism. Since the 2016 election, Jones has spoken openly about the failings of both political parties and called for bipartisan action.

CNN also announced that Jones will host a new CNN Original Series focusing on the criminal justice system. There are currently few details regarding the program beyond its host, focus, and production company, Citizen Jones (no connection to Van).

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