CNN Store Remains Work in Progress

Every item on the newly relaunched CNN Store has an “Ending In” label and amount of time remaining. Therefore, one would logically conclude that after that time runs out, the item would no longer be available on the CNN Store, at least for a period of time. However, it appears that the countdown clocks carry little to no significance as TKNN watched watched four items go to zero and then remain in the store, immediately updated to seven days remaining.

Setting aside the misleading and potentially deceptive nature of the Ending In countdown, it shows how the CNN Online Store, previously known for its lack of attention, remains a work in progress. A CNN spokesperson said of the Ending In label, “We are constantly optimizing the products available, and if there is high interest in certain products we will take that into account.”

However it remains an open question where some items — like the basic CNN logo tee — are permanent and how hard the deadline truly is.

The online store has seen some new items — like a t-shirt featuring the hairline of CNN10 (formerly CNN Student News) anchor Carl Azuz — added since the initial batch was released. The CNN spokesperson said that shoppers can expect more items to be added, “Yes. We will continue to add additional CNN branded items in the next several months.”

“We will constantly be optimizing based on what is selling vs. not selling and will vary the products available.”

The optimization line is a common refrain going back to the announcement that the online store would be refreshed. It remains to be seen when the optimization will occur (the Ending In gives the impression of every week), but the store is less than a month old.

When the store refresh was announced, CNN said that non-branded items, like accessories and software, would also be offered through an outside partner. The items are currently not available on the store, but the CNN spokesperson says they “expect to have the non-branded items live early next year.”

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