Melissa Francis Named Co-Host of Outnumbered

Fox News has announced that Melissa Francis will join Outnumbered as a permanent co-host. Francis has frequently served as part of the rotating crew of panelists.

Francis will continue to co-host After the Bell on Fox Business Network at 4 PM ET. She will join Harris Faulkner as the two permanent members of Outnumbered which features four women panelists and one guy deemed “One Lucky Guy.”

“Melissa has served as a frequent panelist throughout the years and our audience has come to value her smart commentary and expert analysis,” said executive producer Jay Soroko in a statement. “We are thrilled she’s joining Outnumbered as she will undoubtedly contribute to the program’s continued success.”

“I am proud to have the opportunity to work alongside the brilliant women on Outnumbered, and look forward to sharing my perspective with viewers across both Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network on a daily basis.”

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