CBS News Names Weijia Jiang White House Correspondent

CBS News has named Weija Jiang as a White House correspondent. Jiang previously served as a White House correspondent for Newspath, CBS’s news gathering service for stations.

“Over the past several months, Weijia Jiang has consistently shown that she has what it takes to cover this White House – she asks the right questions, she provides context and depth, and she is fast on her feet,” said CBS News Washington bureau chief Christopher Isham. “We are thrilled that she is joining our White House team.”

“I am honored and excited to fill this role for CBS News,” Jiang added. “It comes with a great responsibility that I am reminded of daily, as news out of Washington continues to break at an exceptional pace.”

“Although we cover the White House from here, the stories impact the lives of every single American. Our team works tirelessly to deliver the latest and most accurate information and I am proud to work alongside such a dedicated group of journalists.”

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