Fox News Unveils New Advertisement

Not content to let have the New York Times and CNN have all the fun, Fox News has unveiled their new slogan and ad campaign, “Real News, Real Honest Opinion.”

In a video released, numerous Fox News personalities — including Howard Kurtz, Shep Smith, and the anchors of the Fox & Friends — appear for a cameo while some get to speak. Tucker Carlson claims that “Fox is the one place where dissent is allowed” and Martha MacCallum says “We are going to ask the tough questions because there is a lot of conventional wisdom out there that needs to be challenged.”

The new slogan makes reference to President Donald Trump’s favorite journalism dismissive, “Fake news” while also highlighting the cable channel’s opinion-news divide.

CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times have all launched either new slogans or advertising campaigns (or in CNN’s case, both). Those decisions were largely in response to criticism and attacks from the President, but Fox News’s is more likely an attempt to solidify its cable news ratings dominance. Furthermore, Fox News, historically known for its lack of schedule changes under the late Roger Ailes, has seen its primetime schedule rejiggered.

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