CNN and Fox Prepare for PA-18 Special Election

Courtesy Fox News

Courtesy Fox News

The district at play in tonight’s special election will not exist come November, but the political world and cable news are still watching southwestern Pennsylvania with rapt attention. CNN, Fox News, and Fox Business will all have coverage tonight. MSNBC did not respond to TKNN’s repeated requests for information.

For Fox News, correspondent Molly Line will be in Pennsylvania and chief political anchor Bret Baier will call the race for the network. On Fox Business, there will be a special two hour live edition of Lou Dobbs Tonight hosted by Lou Dobbs from 7-9 PM ET and a special live hour of Kennedy hosted by Kennedy at 9PM/ET.

CNN’s coverage of the special election begins tonight at 7 PM with correspondents Alex Marquardt and Jason Carroll on the ground at the campaign headquarters. Lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer, chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper, and chief political correspondent Dana Bash are also appearing, in addition to the regular anchors.

The heightened political attention on special elections has been beneficial for the cable news channels. CNN and Fox News both saw boosts for their coverage of the special Senate election in Alabama.

Updated with new information about CNN’s personalities appearing.

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