CNN Jabs President Trump Over Daily Brief

On Sunday evening, CNN lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer was anchoring (he was a substitute anchor for those two hours) and introduced a new segment called Weekend Daily Brief. Blitzer, an anchor known for being reserved, seemed to criticize President Donald Trump for not taking the presidential daily brief seriously and instead relying on cable news for national security information. As a result, the Weekend Daily Brief would provide the top three national security stories.

Blitzer also noted that President Trump receives his brief orally.

CNN did not respond to a question about whether this would be a weekly segment.

The segment was done by Sam Vinograd, a CNN national security analyst, and was the television form of a weekly column she has been doing for CNN Opinion online. Vinograd served on the National Security Council during the Obama Administration and also currently works for the Biden Institute, in addition to her work with CNN.

CNN, which has oftentimes prided itself on being down the middle in American politics, has seen itself on the receiving end of many attacks from President Trump. He has criticized them as “fake news” and CNN has responded with a Facts First ad campaign that oftentimes seems to be subtly criticizing the President.

Watch Blitzer’s introduction:

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