Erik Wemple Posts Article About Politico Female Exodus, Politico Women Respond

fourth estate newErik Wemple of the Washington Post posted an article today about a female “exodus” at Politico. This comes even as the Editor of Politico, Susan Glasser, has taken up the cause of female journalists, especially female media executives. Wemple writes that even as Glasser has spoken openly about being a female journalist, many have left Politico, journalists and executives. Wemple points that out that almost forty people have left the political news operation since Glasser started six months ago and roughly three-fourths of those were female.

Wemple pointed this out, but Politico did not take too kindly to the article. When Wemple reached out for comment, he got a statement instead from COO Kim Kingsley:

Your obsession with Susan is unsettling and strange. For a company loaded with top women leaders, and one growing rapidly in Washington, the states and around the world, and one churning out better content than ever, your fixation on who left and when and what does it mean seems never-ending and tedious. But thank you for your intense interest in Politico.

After Wemple published the article online, the response continued from Politico. Female reporters at Politico tweeted at Erik Wemple that their workplace was a quality one for women and that they stood behind Glasser.

Some female reporters who had been mentioned by Wemple as having left tweeted him. Interestingly, they were willing to tweet him, but Wemple says that none of the reporters he listed were willing to give an on-the-record interview.

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