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FIRST ON TKNNErin McPike has left CNN. 

McPike had been a D.C-based reporter for CNN since 2013. During that time, she served as a correspondent for Jake Tapper’s The Lead during its first few months. She then went on to work the White House beat on the weekends.

She joined CNN from Real Clear Politics.

Based off a CNN search, it would appear the last article she did for CNN was on March 26, 2015, a little more than a month ago.

TKNN reached out to both CNN and McPike for comment and/or confirmation. However, neither responded to our multiple requests for comment.

Editor’s note: Since TKNN was unable to officially confirm the report, we have included a listing of evidence that points to McPike leaving CNN.

  • On the website for Patrick Gavin’s documentary, Nerd Prom, Erin McPike’s review is listed. As opposed to the other reporters who had their affiliation listed, was listed as merely “A Reporter.”
  • Her CNN profile has been deleted. Instead, it redirects to an error page.
  • Her Twitter profile has been changed. (Hat tip to our friend at CNNCommentary for pointing this out to us.)
  • TKNN spoke to a CNN source who said that McPike was no longer working weekends and the source said they had not seen her in awhile.

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