Jon Stewart Announces He’s Leaving The Daily Show

Photo by Rick Kerns | Courtesy Comedy Central

Photo by Rick Kerns | Courtesy Comedy Central

After sixteen years of hosting The Daily Show, Jon Stewart has announced that he will be leaving The Daily Show. Under Stewart, the show grew to a cultural powerhouse where Stewart lampooned the media and politicians alike. Many comedians also got their big break on The Daily Show. Stephen Colbert started out on The Daily Show and brought his character over to The Colbert Report. Now, Colbert will be taking over for David Letterman after the late night comedian retires later this year. Steve Carell also made his name as a correspondent on the show and has had a successful television and film career since then. Larry Wilmore started off as a correspondent for The Daily Show and now hosts the program following The Daily Show, The Nightly Show. John Oliver also had a stint as a correspondent and was the only long-term substitute host the show had. He guest-hosted for Stewart one summer while the latter directed the film, Rosewater. Oliver won praise for his hosting abilities and was hired by HBO for a late night show, Last Week Tonight. Oliver has gained notoriety for his pieces on Last Week Tonight which tend to be about fifteen minutes on one subject and investigative in manner.

Stewart took over for Craig Kilborn in 1999 and shaped the program into what it is today. Under Stewart, the show used up-and-coming comedians as part of their “news team” even while Stewart denying ever trying to be a journalist. However, many do call him a media critic. Stewart regularly makes fun of CNN and Fox News for their coverage of stories. Fox News for their Republican bias and CNN for how they cover the news whether it be in a “Blizzardmobile” or with holograms. However, Stewart would also say that he made fun of CNN because he held them to a higher standard, which the network was all too happy to tout.

Comedy Central confirmed the news by tweeting it.

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