CNN Repeatedly Gets Jon Stewart to Admit He Likes CNN

Daily Show host Jon Stewart has been on a media blitz these past few weeks promoting the film, Rosewater, that he directed. Many of the outlets that he has been appearing on are the same ones he has criticized on his weeknight show. This especially applies to CNN which still prides itself on its journalistic muscle, in spite of Stewart’s criticism. Stewart has appeared on CNN three times to promote his film and the interviewers have seized the opportunity to press Stewart on his opinion of CNN, especially since he uses CNN clips in his nightly show to explain certain events.

First, Stewart appeared on Amanpour, which airs on CNNi. However, the clip has been shown on domestic CNN.

Then, Stewart appeared on The Lead with Jake Tapper, calling CNN “the best.” The Lead then turned the response into an Instagram video and a Vine.

Finally, Stewart appeared on Fareed Zakaria GPS this morning and Zakaria made sure to dig in with Stewart on the topic of CNN, leading Stewart to compare the cable news network to the doll Chucky.

Stewart has also been interviewed by HLN’s Robin Meade, but she did not bring up Stewart’s treatment of CNN. During the Amanpour interview is also when Stewart had said that he did not vote in the midterm elections, but later admitted on his show that he had. Due to Stewart’s frequent criticism of CNN, New Day host Chris Cuomo has been quite critical of Stewart, saying that Stewart is just a comedian and should not be treated like a journalist.

The questioning also came around the same time CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker spoke with the South China Morning Post and said, “I think that too often CNN had become too afraid to punch back to its critics and I’m never willing to sit back and let people take shots at CNN.”

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