NBC Nightly News Scrubs Brian Williams Off

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 9.56.10 PMAs Brian Williams begins to settle into his six month suspension, the program he may or may not return to is erasing almost all references to him. NBC Nighty News has vigorously scrubbed almost all mentions of Brian Williams on their program and online presence. On tonight’s edition, Brian Williams’s name was absent from the Nightly News intro with only the Nightly News logo appearing. The voice-over introduction by Michael Douglas was also absent with a different narrator saying, “This is ‘NBC Nightly News.’ Reporting tonight, Lester Holt.” Williams’s name was also removed from all on-screen presentations. However, there was one subtle remainder. Lester Holt’s mug had the old Nightly News logo on it, with Williams’s name on it. The mug was present throughout the newscast and the side with the logo faced front towards the camera.

Williams has also been scrubbed from the NBC Nightly News digital presence. The website features the new Williams-less logo. Here too, there was a remaining reminder of Brian Williams. The website title tag, on the top of most web browsers when scrolling the web, still features the title tag of “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams – NBC News.” Title tags are most commonly used for search engine optimization. This would mean that anyone searching NBC Nightly News will see Brian Williams’s name in the search results still. The Twitter page for NBC Nightly News was also changed to remove mention of Williams. The header image was changed to a newsroom, but was changed late tonight to the new logo.

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