CNNMoney Unveils Website Redesigned

Courtesy CNN

Courtesy CNN

Nearly a month after the main CNN website unveiled its redesigned website, CNNMoney has unveiled its new website. The website has a floating header which is becoming more and more common with websites. Interestingly, the CNNMoney logo shrinks when the user scrolls down. Scrolling back to the top causes the logo to grow back to its prior size. The menu has also been simplified with some sections getting reorganized under more broad topics. For example, the media section is now listed under Business, rather than being its own top-level category. The site also uses flat design and is heavy on charts. CNNMoney mobile is still using the same look, but the Vice President of CNNMoney and CNNPolitics Ed O’Keefe and CNNMoney Executive Editor Lex Haris said in an online open letter that there is still in regards to their mobile and apps.

Based off online comments and social networks, reaction seems mixed to the redesign. While some have praised the actual design, many have criticized that it takes more clicks to get to certain items than it used to. Both O’Keefe and the CNNMoney Twitter account have been responding to feedback, thanking the person and saying that the redesign has not finished yet.

This is the second major update for CNNMoney in less than a year. On June 1, CNNMoney relaunched with CNN completely owning the website. Previously, CNNMoney was a partnership between CNN, Money Magazine, and Fortune Magazine. However, Money and Fortune were under the Time corporate umbrella and therefore spun off with the rest of the now Time, Inc.

Read the Letter from O’Keefe and Haris:

Smart. Simple. For you.

Those are the ideas behind CNNMoney’s coverage, and that’s what our new look is all about.

Nothing matters more to us at CNNMoney than sharing the most important stories with our audience.

You want to know about and understand the biggest news events and trends happening in the world right now.

You have goals — your retirement, your investments, your kids, your home.

Our mission is to explain it all and help you achieve those goals. And we know you’re busy, so we keep it simple.

With today’s design changes, you’ll see more inviting colors. Bold headlines and images. Nothing between you and the information you want.

The same idea drives our markets data page. We zero in on the most important markets, stocks and stats. Exactly what you need, without the clutter.

We like to move fast and iterate, so these changes are to the home page, markets page and story pages. Throughout the year, we’ll continue improving CNNMoney mobile, our apps, and video experience.

And you’ll continue to see ambitious journalism, with data and investigative projects, and digital video that pushes the boundaries — “Sex, Drugs and Silicon Valley” and “Best Jobs in America” are just the first of our big 2015 efforts!


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