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The Fourth EstateABC News has began staffing up for the 2016 presidential election. Every four years, ABC News has a Campaign Digital Reporters program of temporary digital political reporters in order to cover the race. ABC News VP and managing editor David Reiter sent out the below note, issuing the call for this cycle’s reporters. According to TVNewser, who first published this story, the program is open to both ABC Newsers and those outside the company. The note details that the digital reporters will be working with the rest of the ABC News political team, but will have a focus on digital, especially video.

Once every 4 years, a small group of intrepid ABC Newsers undertake a life-changing experience. They head out with bags full of gear to places like Ottumwa, Iowa and Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. They learn everything there is to know about corn, and eat deep fried butter, twinkies and beer. They start by covering small meetings in living rooms, and finish in stadiums with thousands of cheering faithful. They are present for soaring oratory and stumbling gaffes. And, they end up knowing more than almost anyone in the world about a group of politicians…one of whom will become President of the United States. They are the ABC News Campaign Digital Reporters, and the race starts now!

There is no more exciting opportunity than the chance to be our first line of reporting on the candidates, the early primary/caucus states, the issues and the voters. The Campaign Digital Reporters are our road warriors, the people who help bring the drama, excitement and key moments of the campaign to our audiences. And more than ever, they will be responsible for creating distinctive, immersive, visual content for all our platforms.

If you are interested in being considered for this, please send me a note and resume.

Our 2016 Campaign Digital Reporters will build on the success of our previous groups, but will have a different, bigger and more public role than ever before. This year, we plan to not only embed with the candidates, but also embed in the early caucus/primary states. Further, the digital reporters will also rotate onto the political desk, where they will support the other reporters in the field and produce content for all platforms.

Campaign Digital reporters need all of the newsgathering and content creation skills – reporting, writing, shooting, editing, producing, booking, and creative storytelling. Each will travel significantly and be expected to generate regular content, with a focus on video. Political reporting experience is a plus. We are looking for people who will quickly become well-sourced reporters who break news, support our correspondents, file for all platforms and utilize new techniques for storytelling, particularly in the digital and social space.

We will spend the next couple of months choosing, training, equipping and assigning the Campaign Digital Reporters, and they will deploy in the late summer or early fall. We are working with the shows, platforms and bureaus to ensure that as the election season progresses, we are both covering the candidates/issues aggressively and ensuring that every area is fully staffed. Before any decisions are made, your supervisor will need to sign off on your participation.

Again, if you are interested in being considered for this, please send me a note and resume.

(h/t: TVNewser)

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