Gregg Jarrett Returns to Anchoring on Fox News

greggjarrett21614_2Gregg Jarrett co-anchored America’s Newsroom this morning alongside Lea Gabrielle and it was his first time anchoring since he took a leave of absence nine months ago. Jarrett was guest-anchoring for Bill Hemmer, who was off today.

Jarrett’s return to Fox News has been a gradual one. First, he wrote several articles for FoxNews.Com and appeared on several videos for the website. Back in December, he appeared on-air, doing a report for Happening Now.

Jarrett left Fox News airwaves nine months ago after he was granted a leave of absence. At the time, the network said that Jarrett “is dealing with serious personal issues at this time. A date at which Gregg might return to air has yet to be determined.” Jarrett had an on-air appearance that made some question whether or not he was alright. In April, he was co-hosting his regular shift with Arthel Neville and his words were slurring and he talked slower than usual. At some point, he left during the middle of the broadcast and no mention was made of his departure. Then, Jarrett requested some time off. However, Jarrett was arrested the next month in Minneapolis for a misdemeanor while refusing to take orders from a police officer. Fox News then released the above statement in regards to his arrest.

Jarrett co-hosted America’s News Headquarters with Arthel Neville prior to his leave of absence. Since then, Eric Shawn has stepped in to co-host the program.

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