Daily Archives: April 12, 2015

Republicans Respond to Hillary Announcement

Hillary Clinton is the Mitt Romney of 2016. She is the presumed nominee of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party candidates attack her more than each other. In 2012, Romney was the presumed nominee and the Democrats started early in attacking him as elitist and out-of-the-touch. This cycle, Republicans […]

She’s In: Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Election

Podesta sends email to Hillary 2008 alumni announcing she is in — first official announcement from the campaign. pic.twitter.com/AsOEw6Z33T — Jesse Berney (@jesseberney) April 12, 2015 Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid was announced on Twitter, but probably not how the campaign was expecting. Hillary 2008 alumni Jesse Berney tweeted a […]