John Dickerson Named Host of Face the Nation

Courtesy CBS News

Courtesy CBS News

Days after Bob Schieffer announced that he would be retiring as host of CBS News’s Face the Nation, he announced his successor at the end of today’s broadcast. CBS News Political Director, and Slate’s Chief Political Correspondent, John Dickerson was named as the next host of the Sunday public affairs show.

“I’m thrilled. I have watched Bob my whole professional life not just as a viewer but as a daily reporter who also covered the Hill. I’m honored to carry on his tradition on Face the Nation,” Dickerson said. Schieffer told Dickerson, “John, we’re proud to have you.”

“John is first and foremost a reporter–and that’s what he’ll be as anchor of Face the Nation,” CBS News President David Rhodes told CBSNews.Com. “His work in the studio will always be informed by what he’s learned in Iowa, in New Hampshire, on Capitol Hill–anywhere there’s news. He has earned the respect of newsmakers across the political spectrum. With all our correspondents John will present comprehensive coverage on all our platforms.”

Dickerson joined CBS News in 2009 and also serves as Chief Political Correspondent for Slate. He will continue to serve to write and produce podcasts for Slate. Dickerson also worked at Time Magazine for twelve years, his last four years serving as White House Correspondent. Dickerson won praise for his carefully worded questions as White House correspondent while also having a kind personality that opened him up to the Bush White House. HIs questions have been known to trip up politicians and consultants due to the delicate wording.

Dickerson’s mother was a CBS News correspondent and the first female correspondent in Washington for CBS News.

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