Megyn Kelly

Fox News Fights Back on Megyn Kelly’s Defense in Trump War

After Republican frontrunner Donald Trump unleashed another wave of attacks at Fox News host Megyn Kelly, the network responded in force Tuesday. First, Fox News head Roger Ailes released a strong statement that blasted Trump and called on him to apologize to Kelly. Although Ailes did acknowledge that Trump almost […]

Donald Trump Continues Attacks on Fox’s Megyn Kelly

Fox News’s Megyn Kelly returned tonight after being on vacation. At the time, the vacation was the subject of conspiracy theories as people wondered whether or not she was forced off air as part of a Fox News-Trump truce. After initially remaining quiet, the network did come out and blast […]

Fox News Blasts Megyn Kelly Vacation Conspiracy Theorists

Ever since the Republican debate on Fox News, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has accused the cable news channel of a War on Trump. He alleged that the moderators, Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace, and Bret Baier, asked questions that unfairly targeted him. The mostly one-sided feud escalated on Friday when Trump […]

Donald Trump Escalates Attacks on Megyn Kelly

Since Thursday’s Republican debate on Fox News, frontrunner Donald Trump has accused the network and its debate moderators of unfairly targeting him. Now he has escalated his attacks on Fox News’s Megyn Kelly. During an appearance on CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon asked Trump about Kelly’s questioning. Trump responded by […]

Donald Trump Accuses Fox News of War on Trump

 The Fox News moderators were widely praised for their role in the first Republican debate Thursday night. In particular, Megyn Kelly was singled out for praise for her hard-hitting questions that used candidates’ previous statements and positions against them. One of those candidates that were on the receiving end […]