Donald Trump Continues Attacks on Fox’s Megyn Kelly

road to the white houseFox News’s Megyn Kelly returned tonight after being on vacation. At the time, the vacation was the subject of conspiracy theories as people wondered whether or not she was forced off air as part of a Fox News-Trump truce. After initially remaining quiet, the network did come out and blast those theories and stand with Kelly.

Trump’s attacks on Kelly started largely with the Republican debate on the cable news network where he accused her of treating him unfairly. Then on CNN, he escalated his attacks on her and said she had blood coming out of her eyes and her “wherever.” He later clarified that statement to mean her nose.

Now that Kelly has returned, so has Trump’s attacks on her. He took to Twitter, his media criticism platform of choice, and blasted her for being unprepared and “really off her game.”

Then Trump added to the conspiracy theory fire by saying she should “take another eleven day unscheduled vacation.”

As usual, Trump is also retweeting supporters who agree with him.

This tweet even took aim at Kelly’s competitor, HLN’s Nancy Grace.

This tweet has gained some controversy since it refers to Kelly as a “bimbo.”

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