Donald Trump Escalates Attacks on Megyn Kelly

Since Thursday’s Republican debate on Fox News, frontrunner Donald Trump has accused the network and its debate moderators of unfairly targeting him. Now he has escalated his attacks on Fox News’s Megyn Kelly.

During an appearance on CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon asked Trump about Kelly’s questioning. Trump responded by saying, ““There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her… wherever.” After Trump made those comments, controversy erupted online. Fellow candidate Carly Fiorina was the first candidate to come out against his remarks and tweeted in support of Kelly.

While Trump did not say so, the perception is that Trump was referring to Kelly’s period. The comment then fed into a belief that Trump can be disparaging towards women. That belief was actually part of a question that Kelly asked Trump during the debate.

The Trump campaign attempted to clarify the candidate’s remarks early on Saturday. Following Trump tweeting that by “wherever” he meant her nose, the statement said that Trump meant her nose and he was looking to move on to a new topic. They also said that “only a deviant would think anything else.”

Trump is playing with fire when attacking Kelly and Fox News. The cable news outlet is one of the most trusted news sources of conservatives and Kelly is one of its biggest stars.

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