Martin O’Malley

Lincoln Chafee Drops Out of Presidential Race

Former Governor Lincoln Chafee’s presidential run ended as oddly as it began. While Chafee started his campaign by calling for a conversion to the metric system, he withdrew from the race by making a plea for peace. However, he did so by making reference to the ancient Greek play, Lysistrata. […]

15.8 Million Tune into CNN Democratic Debate

Tuesday’s Democratic debate on CNN surpassed ratings expectations as Nielsen announced that 15.8 million Americans tuned in to watch the five presidential candidates. Many analysts had been expecting roughly 10 million viewers. This is the highest-rated Democratic debate, breaking the previous record of 10.69 million on ABC in January of […]

CNN Announces Debate Details

CNN has announced that five Democratic candidates have qualified for the first debate on October 13. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, and Lincoln Chafee have all been invited to the debate. Lawrence Lessig, who recently announced his campaign finance-focused run, was not invited. Lessig has not been […]

Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against Keystone XL Pipeline

As Pope Francis landed in the United States, Hillary Clinton revealed her position on an issue that has dogged her and the Obama Administration for years. Clinton came out against the Keystone XL pipeline, a 1,179 mile project that would bring tar sands from Canada. Speaking to a community forum […]

New Iowa Poll Shows Shrinking Clinton Lead

A new poll from the Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics shows more worrying signs for the Hillary Clinton campaign. The latest poll has Clinton under the 50% mark and holding only a single digit lead over her closest competitor, Senator Bernie Sanders (VT). This is one of the first […]