New Iowa Poll Shows Shrinking Clinton Lead

A new poll from the Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics shows more worrying signs for the Hillary Clinton campaign. The latest poll has Clinton under the 50% mark and holding only a single digit lead over her closest competitor, Senator Bernie Sanders (VT).

This is one of the first polls to have Clinton under majority support and is one of the closest polls for Clinton in Iowa. In New Hampshire, polls indicate that Clinton has fallen behind Sanders.

The poll both included and did not include Vice President Joe Biden, who is currently considering a presidential run. With Biden included, Clinton leads with 37% of caucus-goers. Seven points behind is Senator Sanders. In third is the Vice President with 14%. No other candidate reaches double digits.

Without Biden, Clinton remains with her two polling problems. She registers 43% of voters while Sanders registers 35%. She continues to lead Sanders by only single digits.

However, one of the candidates most hurt by this poll is former Governor Martin O’Malley (MD). The governor has spent a good deal of time in the state and has prioritized the caucus. He has spent a lot of time in the state doing retail politics, but he only registers at 3% in the latest poll. This is yet another blow to his campaign as the candidate fails to gain traction among voters. While O’Malley is to the left of Clinton, most of those voters have instead gone to Senator Sanders.

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