House of Representatives

Speaker Boehner Supports Bipartisan Bill

Speaker Boehner has released a statement indicating his support for the Senate’s bipartisan bill that would end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. However, he does say that the House will continue to fight Obamacare. “The House has fought with everything it has to convince the president of […]

Will Speaker Boehner Be Re-Elected?

A Political Jungle investigation into the 2010 Speaker election, shows that of the eighteen Democrats who voted either present or against Pelosi, only half, or nine, remain. Two hundred eighteen votes, or half plus one, is needed to be elected Speaker. Republicans will begin the Congress with two hundred thirty-three […]

Failure of Boehner Plan B Gives Upper Hand to Democrats

The failure on Speaker John Boehner’s part to pass his “plan B” has increased the upper hand of the Democrats. Instead of shifting the blame to Democrats, as Boehner had hoped, it put more pressure and blame on him as he made it appear that he could not control his […]